2. Moving Matter Lab

workshop: Moving Matter Laboratory
The Moving Matter Laboratory offers  the possibility to consider and address social and environmental urgencies, through offering perspectives that can connect us to our environment by sharing knowledge through co-creation in the framework of participatory workshops.

Experimentation and openness are two core aspects of the Lab, a mobile bio design workshop that contains tools to do elaborate and imaginative research on bio based materials and investigations into production cycles and natural processes.
Much like a professional kitchen has different workstations, this mobile unit will consist of multiple parts that each allow for specific activities relating to different aspects of material research. All tools are stored and transported in crates that fit into a car and double as workbenches to place the tools on, this way the lab is versatile, easy to transport and fitted into every space.

At the core of the ‘Moving Matter Laboratory’ stands the ambition to explore the potential that is embedded within matter through a lens of material exploration.The outline of the workshops can be catered towards the specific audience and timeframe, ranging from demonstrations to extended 3 day material research.

If interested, please reach out via info@bassestittgen.com