3. Workshops

workshop: wasted away at Stichting Fabrikaat, Nijmegen
           Agricultural and livestock production gets bigger and more efficient everyday. The factories and fields which produce our food are hidden from the eyes of the consumer which makes it difficult to relate to important questions about the ethics of production and consumption as we don‘t know how things get produced - and what is thrown away. During a three day period participants investigated the potential of agricultural waste through material experimentation.

workshop: multitude of waste at the RISD
          Mapping waste streams in Rhode Island and exploring their potential through making & material. Participants were encouraged to engage with local producers to create unlikely partnerships to tackle waste issues together.

workshop: ReShape at MU Eindhoven
         Insight into the work ‘Blood Related’ by transforming blood from the meat industry into powder that he can be moulded into solid objects. Participants to the workshop were also encouraged and helped to heat press biomaterials from sourches such as blood, eggs and natural fibers.