1. Blood Related

Year: 2017 - ongoing
Material: discarded cowblood

            There are countless notions and associations connected to blood, the most substential being life and death, blood can symbolize both and worlds in between.
It tells a thousand stories, steeped in meaning and mysticism. Yet, the very real modern narrativeof cowblood as a mass waste material remains untold. The project physicalizes this waste and throughthat generates awareness for its existence, and this awareness will hopefully lead towards a change in consumption habits. As consumers we are disconnect from the production of goods, the slaughterhouse industry is one of the biggest in the world, yet it
remains almost completely invisible - this disconnection makes it difficult to have a discussion about the ethics of production. The work offers a platform for confrontation and reflection regarding our relation towards animals.

zinc plate etchings of the material process, drawings made by Anais Borie