1. Blood Related

Year: 2017 - ongoing
Material: discarded cowblood

            There are countless notions and associations connected to blood, the most substantial being life and death, blood can symbolize both and worlds in between.
It tells a thousand stories, steeped in meaning and mysticism. Yet, the very real narrative of cowblood as a by-product and waste stream remains untold. The slaughterhouse industry is one of the most resource intensive in the world, yet it remains almost invisible - this disconnection makes it difficult to create a common ground to talk about the ethics of production and consumption. The work offers a platform for confrontation and reflection regarding our relation towards animals.

All the objects are made 100% from discarded cowblood.

Record made from discarded cowblood that plays the heartbeat of the animal.

Tiles made from cowblood that are polished to a point that they become reflective and create a mirror.

zinc plate etchings of the material process, drawings made by Anais Borie