3. + Objects


Year: 2019
Material: Blood from HIV+ donors

           There are people who are not able to donate their blood because of infectious diseases contained in it. The objects in this series are produced from the blood of donors that are HIV+. Stigmatisation and taboo surrounding HIV are still an immense burden today and they find their physicalization in the blood of an infected person, that is what we are afraid of, the blood. So the possibility to make an object that is sterile and can be touched from the blood of a donor that has HIV is a possibility to break this stigma and taboo. The objects are accompanied by interviews of the donors that focus on their life and how it has been affected by the disease. The work is intended as a series conversation pieces that give a stage to the individual and their story, rather than their medical status. Commissioned for the show ‚Being  Human‘ by the Wellcome Collection.